Friday, October 5, 2007

Arsene Wenger: Quota Will Kill Premier League

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is firmly opposed to Sepp Blatter's proposed player quota. The FIFA President's plan would limit each team to only five foreign players, decimating the Arsenal squad.

Wenger, who's team is often criticized for its lack of English players believes that the quota would destroy the EPL's reputation as the best footballing Premier League in the world.

"It would kill the Premier League at the moment for being the best league in the world, certainly," said Wenger. "Why? Because you can see a massive reduction in the quality. If you have the choice between 200 million players or 50 million players, it is less good. It is as simple as that.

"It will protect the bad players, or those who are not good enough. Also, if the best English players play with the best world-class players, then they will be even better and develop quicker." The Arsenal boss also feels that it is not his job to look out for nationality, but rather to search for the best players he can find. Even at a British football club, that could mean anyone from anywhere in the world.

Wenger told “I would not be very happy [if it happened] because I feel sport is linked with quality. Our purpose is to push the level of the game as high as we can to give people entertainment. If one day you say 'sorry, you cannot play. I know you are better but you are not from the right place', then I would not be happy."

There's another reason Wenger would be unhappy: Arsenal's last starting XI was made up entirely of foreign players. If FIFA were to implement their plan, Theo Walcott (our only British player) would stay alongside 5 foreign players, leaving Arsene Wenger to find an entirely new football team.