Monday, October 15, 2007

Barca Won't Overpay For Arsenal's Fabregas

Barcelona director of football Txiki Begiristain has stated that the Catalan giants won't break the bank for Arsenal star Cesc Fabregas.

The Spanish sensation has been one of the most influential players at Arsenal over the past few seasons, marshaling the midfield at the tender age of 20. Fabregas had never kept it a secret that he would like to return to Spain at some time in his career, but it now seems as though he may have to wait seven years for his contract to expire.

"He is a great player but the circumstances of his exit make things very difficult," said.

"We cannot pay a great amount for a homegrown player that decided to leave us.”

Arsene Wenger's club only paid Barcelona £700,000 of compensation for the young midfielder , as he left Barcelona at 16 years of age, before players are allowed to become professionals in Spain.

Barcelona have made it clear that they will not chase after the coveted Arsenal star, with Begiristain adding:

"To start with he would have to show his desire to return."

This is great news to Arsenal fans, as Fabregas is integral to our team's success. If I were to choose one player at Arsenal who could not be replaced, it would without a doubt be Cesc Fabregas. We may have a talented roster of midfielders but the majestic way in which Cesc controls the game can be equaled by none.

Arsenal would be sure to command a huge transfer fee from such a talented young player, but no amount of money would be worth losing Cesc's genius.

Let us hope that Barca stay true to their word, and Cesc stays true to his club. I could see the boy playing at Arsenal for another ten or fifteen years, and I can only hope that he will stay at the club for that long.