Sunday, August 26, 2007

Arsene Wenger: "I am not in the market for any new players."

Arsene Wenger spoke out on the possibility of new signings at, saying "I am not in the market for any new players." This will come as a disappointment to many gooners, including myself, who were hoping that Wenger would bolster the back line, sign a left winger, sign a striker, or any combination of the above. I'm hoping that it the ambiguous way it was said means that he is not currently in any negotiations, rather than what it seems like: that his involvement in the transfer window is over.

This comes as bad news soon after it was announced by
Managing Director Keith Edelman that Wenger was close to signing a deal. Edelman also commented on the financial status of the club, saying:

"We are generating more money out of Emirates Stadium than our debt repayment.

"Therefore we are more profitable at Emirates than we were at Highbury and therefore we can invest more money.

"We will have the largest gate revenue in the UK and when our results are produced (in September) and you see the amount of cash the business has got, some of the comments that have been made over the summer are very wide of the mark.

"We're in very, very good financial health and we're financially very strong as a club."

This would lead me to the conclusion that Arsene has plenty of transfer funds to work with (as has been previously stated by various Arsenal officials), but as usual, the frugal Wenger sees no reason to further invest in a squad that has been tipped by many to be stripped of its Champion's League place by the underachieving Spurs. I trust Wenger, but I seriously hopes that he splashes some cash before the end of the transfer window.