Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Arsene Wenger rejects Adriano loan move

Arsene Wenger has publicly stated that he rejected a loan offer from Inter Milan which would have seen troubled Brazilian striker Adriano come to The Emirates in return for an unnamed player.

Wenger told reporters, "He [Adriano] is not needed. I was not out there [in the market] to take a striker on loan.

"If I find the right player with the right quality I will always take him. With Adriano they wanted to give you a player and also take one from your squad.

"It would mean losing a player and then get one in who you were not desperately wanting. It is nothing to do with the quality of Adriano."

The player that Inter Milan were asking for was not revealed, but it was likely promising young striker Nicklas Bendtner, who Arsenal fans would be loathe to see in any colors other than the red and white of Arsenal. It seems as though Adriano would also be unhappy with the move, having stated that he would like to leave Inter permanently, rather than on loan.

Adriano was furious with Inter manager Roberto Mancini for not telling him that he would not feature in Inter's plans this season sooner. However, after being rejected by Arsene Wenger, it seems as though he may have to stay at the San Siro for another season.

I don't think that we need a new striker, and I am glad that Arsene Wenger didn't do away with one of our young talents in favor of an inconsistent performer.