Sunday, September 9, 2007

Arsene Wenger Promises Arsenal Trophies

Now that Arsene Wenger has finally signed his new deal many are hoping to see Arsenal compete for some major silverware for the first time since 3 seasons ago. Wenger is among these, and feels that with the backing of the club's board of directors he can help Arsenal to some serious silverware.

He assured that he has the board's backing saying, "I have had many moments when I have felt down because we have lost a big game, but I never ever had any doubts that I did not have the support of the club"

He went on to tell the fans how he was always going to sign a new deal, as he loves the club. Furthermore he claimed to feel a responsibility to "deliver silverware" and help the team go as far as it could.

"I have been entrusted with complete freedom to implement and execute my plans on what will make the team successful.

"That means I have a responsibility to the fans to deliver silverware and also a responsibility to the players to help turn our potential into prizes. I want to achieve the maximum with this team and it is young and very ambitious as well, and I feel I share that ambition with my team.

"That is one of the reasons, as well, that I wanted to get a taste of how hungry this team is first before I definitely go for it. I love the job I have at Arsenal – I love to win and I feel I can win with Arsenal. They are the main reasons [I signed].

"My heart is tied to this club, so signing a new deal was always my intention."

While we all knew that Arsene was doing his best to help Arsenal's players reach their potential it is great to hear him promise silverware and profess his love for the club. I know you can never judge by the first few games of a season, but if we keep playing as we have been (minus the Lehmann errors) we may be getting that silverware sooner rather than later.