Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Arsene Wenger to sign a new deal!

You may remember the title of this post, as you've probably been hearing the rumors throughout the summer. In fact, the first article I wrote on this blog was similarly titled, and although I wrote it last Thursday a deal has still not materialized.

Whether or not you have read my article, no Arsenal fan has missed the rumors linking Arsene Wenger with a move away from our beloved club. Wenger has brought beautiful football and prodigious young talents to Arsenal, and in the poll I put up on the site earlier an overwhelming majority of readers said that they would not want to see Wenger leave.

It should come as good news, then, that Arsene has dropped a hint that he is going to stay at Arsenal, with a deal possibly being concluded as early as Thursday or Friday.

"I am very motivated. With all the young players I signed, I feel a kind of responsibility.

"I am in talks with Arsenal. I can’t see any drawbacks. There will be some news on Thursday or Friday."

Let's all rejoice and hope that this time the deal will finally be tied up!