Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tomas Rosicky is going to score more this year

According to, the rumored bet between Tomas Rosicky, Alex Hleb, and Cesc Fabregas is true. They have apparently bet as to who will score the most goals in all competitions for Arsenal this year.

The Czech captain would have won the competition last year, although neither of the three could come close to being described as prolific. This year, however, with the advent of Thierry Henry's departure, Arsenal has seen a majority of its goals coming from the midfield, with Cesc Fabregas the club's leading goalscorer with 4 goals, and Hleb and Rosicky with 2 each.

Rosicky, who possesses a strong shot and had a good scoring record at Borussia Dortmund could go into the double digits this year in terms of goals - if he manages to stay fit. Although he has become an important figure at Arsenal in his first season here, Rosicky has been struggling with small injuries since his arrival, managing to play only 26 league games last season. However, even in the games he played he was not scoring often enough to please the Arsenal faithful. The same goes for Fabregas and Hleb, although they are both more supporting players than Rosicky.

In any case, most Arsenal fans would be happy to see more goals from our previously dry midfield, and if this bet motivates our midfielders to continue scoring like they have in our first few games, Henry may not be missed at the Emirates.