Monday, September 24, 2007

Poll Results: Almunia should take Lehmann's jersey

Surprisingly enough, the readers of this blog decided that Manuel Almunia is the best of Arsenal's keepers. It seems as though Jens Lehmann's blunders (and temper) were enough to turn Arsenal fans away from the angry German.

Results: Who deserves the number 1 jersey at Arsenal?

Jens Lehmann - 42%
Manuel Almunia - 58%

I have to disagree with my readers here. As I stated in my last post on the topic, Manuel Almunia is far too inept at making positional decisions. He may not be as error prone as the Germany number 1, but he also doesn't make the same world-class stops as Lehmann. Crazy Jens may be getting older (and angrier) but his presence in the back is more assuring than Almunia's in any situation other than a back pass.

I'm interested in knowing, why do you guys think Almunia is better?