Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I was wrong about Alex Song

Maybe I was wrong about Alex Song. And I'm not just saying that because it rhymes.

Song was brilliant in the center of defense alongside Philippe Senderos in yesterday's game against Newcastle. The two held out against a strong Newcastle frontline of Shola Ameobi, Alan Smith, and reported Arsenal target Obafemi Martins; managing to keep a clean sheet (thanks in part to Senderos' clearing off the line).

The Cameroonian was strong in the air and didn't seem to set a foot wrong throughout what was certainly the best Arsenal game of his career.

Perhaps Song is better suited as a central defender than a midfielder. His performances in the midfield have been abysmal thus far (Fulham anyone?) and he doesn't have the pace nor talent to fight for a spot against the likes of Fabregas, Gilberto, Flamini, Diarra and more in a congested midfield.

I have hopes for the lad now. Maybe Wenger can pull off another Kolo Toure, converting a decent player into a fabulous center back. If we keep playing Song in our backline (in the Carling Cup of course) we might just have the impenetrable defense we've been lacking.

Speaking of Wenger, the gaffer wants to play Song at center back as well.

“Don’t misjudge Alex Song,” he told Arsenal TV Online, “because he is a great player.”

“I feel he was misjudged in the Fulham game last year where we had a nightmare first half. He was involved in it so everyone thought he was to blame but I didn’t think so. He moved out to Charlton where he had some great games.

“We believe he is a quality player and I personally believe he can make it at centre back.”